Planning is critical when preparing to enter into a cleanse. To get the maximum results , cleanse is designed to give you, you need to wean yourself off a few things leading up to your start date.


This is pertinent ! The majority of us suffer from mild dehydration and many of us are chronically dehydrated. If you follow the instructions, the cleanse will leave you hydrated, replenished and recharged.

At least 3 days before your cleanse, integrate the following into your daily routine (if you don’t already):

● Start each day with warm water and lemon. Drinking this throughout the day is terrific for flushing your system.
● Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
● Sneak in a couple of herbal teas if you can!
● Eliminate caffeine, alcohol, soda and nicotine products.


At least three days before your cleanse, we recommend you eat wholesome, whole foods and try to avoid the following:
● Meat and poultry
● Processed starches like bread, white rice and pasta
● Dairy and eggs

What we recommend you do eat:
● Some fatty acids. We suggest soaking flax seeds overnight and eating a few big spoonfuls throughout the day (on salads or on their own.)
● Fruits, raw salads, raw or steamed vegetables and vegetable soups. If eliminating meat seems too difficult, eat small portions of fish.
● Good olive oil, coconut oil, spices and lemon juice to kick the flavour.
● Some soaked almonds if you like, just be sure they are fully chewed.


Remember that, while you are giving your body a complete rest by drinking juices
instead of eating meals, it is important that everything keeps flowing through the

● Hydration is essential! Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.
● If you are sleepy and have a chance to rest, take a nap. Going to bed early will help take your mind off of food and accelerate the cleansing process.
● While you are mobilizing toxins you have to be sure you are releasing them from your system. You may consider a colonic as a safe way to expel toxic waste. If the thought of a colonic is simply a turn-off, you can try an herbal laxative to assist with elimination.
● Some other great ways to eliminate toxins include: skin brushing in the morning to rid your body of dead skin cells and open your pores, saunas, massage and warm baths.
● Feel free to exercise, but don’t over do it. It’s important to listen to your body.
● Warm herbal teas can be comforting during moments of hunger cravings.
● Consider adding a probiotic into your daily routine. This will help increase the healthy bacteria in your intestines.


Congratulations! You did it! Now that you’ve done all this amazing work to rejuvenate your system, we want to make sure you’re able to maintain it!

Below are some options/guidelines of foods to eat for the first 2 days, post-cleanse.


Breakfast: Fruit salad or raw veggie salad
Lunch: Fruit and Vegetable smoothie, maybe with some additional plant protein
Dinner: Steamed vegetables, raw vegetable salad (dressing: flax oil or olive oil with lemon)


Breakfast: Fruit salad, smoothie or vegetable juice, maybe a slice of toast
Lunch: Raw salad with goat cheese and walnuts. Soup is also a great choice
Dinner: Fresh salad, steamed vegetables and a small portion of whole grains (brown rice or quinoa) or sweet potatoes.


Start to reintroduce animal protein and dairy, if you choose to. Consider steamedfish in place of meat, and almond or goat milk products in place of cow’s milk, atleast in the beginning. Try to incorporate a green colored drink into your daily routine. This will help keep the system running smoothly and keep the acidity away.

Remember to chew your food. This is where digestion starts. While you are chewing, digestive enzymes are being released. These enzymes help to break down protein, fats and carbs so they can be properly absorbed.